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Golf Starts With a Ball

Choosing the golf ball determines the golf that you play. Each and every day, you can come across various types of golf balls in the market. You can either choose from the two-piece balls, three-piece balls and high performance balls. Choose a golf ball according to your level of performance.

The construction of the ball, number of dimples and the distance it travels in one shot are the factors that differentiate from one golf ball to another.

The two -piece golf ball is used for improving the distance of the shots and if you have slow swing and want to concentrate on accuracy, then choose the three-piece golf balls. And the high performance golf balls are chosen by the masters of the game.

Well, as the golf rule specifies, the golf ball diameter cannot be smaller than 1.680 inches and the maximum velocity cannot exceed 250 feet per second. The weight should not exceed 1.620 ounces.

In the market, you can come across recreational and advanced golf balls, which are the main categorization. If you are a beginner or just an ordinary player who plays for fun, then go for recreational golf balls. These balls, made of two layers, are characteristic for low swing. The side spins reduction and low compression makes it the choice for beginners and low swingers. Moreover, they are not priced that much as the advanced golf balls.

Coming in multiple layers, the advanced golf balls have a soft cover and a firm core. Well, a golfer with a great swing speed can go for these types. It should be noted that if the speed of the swing does not match the compression of the ball, then your target will not be met.

Well, not so expensive, you can also go for the used golf balls or the recycled ones, which comes cheap in the market. The one-hitter balls looks just new out of the pack with the glossy shine still imprint on them. Still looking new but has worn out the mint status are the grade - A golf balls. With a few minor scratches, any handicapped level golfer can use these golf balls. Best for the beginners, the Grade- B golf balls are only a little worn out. The Grade-C golf balls can be used for long shot practices. A beginner, choose the used golf balls for more practice.

Moreover, the golf balls come in a range of colors from white to green, pink, yellows, and blue. It is your choice of color that you prefer to play with.

From the first wooden balls, the golf balls have evolved through ages. Now you get at the market golf balls that can alter the speed and accuracy of the games. Choose from the various brands that come in various splendid colors also.

The golf balls do not come that cheap n the markets. Golfing is not a poor man's play. Well, choose the best branded ones, that suit your game and that are affordable.

About The Author Sam Sley is a golf fanatics. Golf Vacations is the best way to relax and he makes it a passion. You can find more informations at:
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