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Hunting Knives: The Point Of The Hunt
There is no one perfect hunting knife. Different knives have different features and serve different purposes. The knife that is right for you would of course depend on the point of the hunt. What are ...
Game Hunting And Scents
Turning up for a hunt smelling like a love struck teen on his first real date is going to mean a disappointing days hunting. Expert hunters agree that the worst thing newbies do is to shower with perf...
Game Hunting
Game hunting can be both exhilarating as well as dangerous. Wounded bear and even deer have been known to turn on their attacker. Being prepared and having the right equipment is essential for a succe...
March Hunting Tips
March Hunting TipsSpring is upon us here in the upper mid west. The snow is melting the grass is starting to peek through. The deer are starting to filter back from their wintering areas. It is the ti...
January Hunting Tips
Every January I will start to put away all my hunting equipment. I will have to take time to check the nuts and bolts and touch up the paint on all the tree stands and ladders before putting away.The ...
Hunting By Moon Phase: Your Best Season Ever
Every season, millions of hunters take to the woods with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. Unfortunately, many come away empty handed, returning day after day to face similar results.  It's every hu...
Understanding Wild Turkey Habits for Improved Hunting
Wild Turkey HabitsWild turkeys roost in trees at night. They fly to their roosts at about sunset and fly to the ground at first light where they feed until mid-morning. They will often roost again for...
Hunting Tradition Passed On
Its a cold crisp winter day, cloudy and damp, just right for still hunting or stalking game in the woods of central Texas . The hunt takes place in Bosque Co. just west of Lake Whitney which is a m...
Elements Of Good Shooting When Game Hunting
When a ground squirrel or woodchuck sits up to consider the advisability of modestly retiring to his burrow, out there at an actual 200 yards, and an experienced hunter takes the shot with a .220 Swif...
Field Dressing: So You Want To Field Dress A Deer
Field dressing a deer is some kind of job. You've got to have a very strong constitution for it. It's all blood and guts, after all. But you've decided to be a deer hunter, so you've got to be ...
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