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10 Tips for Launching Your Clothing Label
1. Do your reasearch.Make sure you know a few things about the clothing industry before you dive in too deep. At least have a general understanding of how business works. Another key thing to research...
Junior Clothing Styles - Feel Good and Look Great!
Woman's desire for designer fashion clothing has gone beyond the walls of conventional department stores and into the fashion world of broad band eCommerce on the Internet. Secure on-line shopping, p...
Facts About Clothing Labels
Clothing labels are an important tool used to ensure that the clothing sold meets standards in the United States, as well as other countries.Labels are usually made out of satin coated acetate which h...
Faux Fur And Suede Leather Jackets
Leather jackets irrespective of their color, style and material used for manufacturing is surely provides you protection against seasonal conditions. Apart from its utility as protective tool leather ...
How to Dress For Getting Into the Movies
There is only one drawback to the pleasurable life of the movie actor or actress. They draw big salaries ; they get their names in the papers and are deluged with "fan" letters to such an extent tha...
The Best Dressed Bird May Get The Worm
We have often heard it said the early bird gets the worm; however in terms of finding employment we should probably ask, "What was it wearing?" Whether you are going on a job interview for a coffee ...
How To Be Stunning In A Black Prom Dress
In ones teenage life, specifically on high school. Prom night is one of the best things to look forward too, in fact some of girls prepare for the magical night for the whole year. During prom night, ...
How To Become A Plus Size Fashion Model; Getting The Break You Need
The explosion of the plus size fashion industry and plus size modeling industry has the demand for photogenic, size 12-16 models exceeding the current supply. The following guide contains a few genera...
How to Become a Fashion Merchandiser
Many dream of entering into the glamour of a fashion career. Most dreams of such careers as fashion model or fashion designer. However a career in fashion merchandising can be very rewarding and self ...
Current Fashion Trends for Summer 2007
Now that winter is firmly out of the way, and people are looking ahead to what they will be taking on holiday with them this summer, it's time to look at what the latest colours and designs are for...
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