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Building Online Buzz for Independent Musicians
Once upon a time in the music industry, unknown musicians struggled to get that one big, influential gig. They worked hard, networked, and hunted for their big break. A lot of amazing musicians never ...
Don'ts for Parents of Piano Students
Don't engage a teacher merely because he or she is a brilliant performer. It may well be that of two men or women the less showy player is the better teacher. Don't forget that, while it is a great ...
Guitar Lessons for Beginners
Playing guitar is a lot of fun, and you can never learn too much about it. That's why I've put together some "off-the-beaten-path" guitar lessons for beginners here that I hope you'll enjoy. Alth...
The Best Guitar Part 1 - Tips For Beginners
What's the best guitar for me? This is one of the most common questions beginning students ask. What causes someone to have a preference for one guitar over another?For many beginning players the way...
The Best Guitar Part 2 - Tips For Beginners
About the only option for people in smaller communities or rural areas is to buy online. Buying online is todays equivalent of mail-order. If you buy online, the dealers reputation is of equal importa...
How To Play Guitar Licks
Guitar Licks and RiffsBlues Guitar Licks and RiffsRock Guitar Licks and RiffsSlide Guitar Licks and RiffsWhile you're learning how to play the guitar, let's be honest about something.  Deep inside,...
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Guitar Players
1. Change the strings regularly - there is perhaps no more important aspect of playing a musical instrument than that of maintaining it properly. Guitar strings wear out with regular use and even more...
Guitar Chords: How To Solo Over Chords With The Minor Pentatonic Scale
The humble minor pentatonic scale is what most guitar players start with when learning to solo. Trouble is, they don't learn to use the scale to it's best potential.Here, I'll show you an easy way ...
How To Change Your Electric Guitar Strings
Tools. You will need a small needle nose pliers to cut and bend the strings, and a string winder to help you wind the strings quickly. Remove the string. You should change each guitar string one at a ...
Your First Guitar
This is often the experience of a new guitar enthusiast. "Love at first sight" engenders high hopes of playing like a Rock Star overnight. Then reality begins to sink in and you reallize that it's ...
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