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Book Reveals Chinese Women's Roles
"Women hold up half of the sky" - it is a Chairman Mao saying that recently released figures seem to reaffirm, shedding light on the gender issues facing the country.Chinese women take up 45.4 perce...
Occupational Outlook Handbook
You Have Found It! Your New Occupational Outlook Handbook Now throw that old handbook out the window. A sure fire way to make money on the internet without time, effort, or risk. Hard work will get y...
Promote a Book - 3 Out of the Box Tools to Promote your Book
Without book promotion, no one will know that you've written a book that can change their lives. Without proper book promotion you won't sell your book. However, sometimes proper book promotion ca...
Photographs Eases Your Pocketbooks: Just A Little Dexterity In Crafting
"Last September was my daughter's birthday, so I gave her a motorcycle as my gift. Then, on October, my parents celebrated their golden anniversary, they have been that great so I treated them to a ...
Picture Pocketbook Is Not Just Books
Pictures, pictures; it is definitely everywhere. You can see it when you're reading the daily newspaper, magazines, or when you're driving on the road. You can find a lot of them in your own home, o...
9 Myths That Block You From Completing Your Book Fast, P1
Many speakers, consultants, and small business owners alike feel confident with communicating their message orally. They can spout their message in an elevator speech with the accuracy of a scientist....
Retailing with Books a Million
For the aspiring author, it is important to be familiar with potential publishers as well as the distribution channel they can offer. Eventually, much of the success of your book will fall on the qual...
A Few Magazine Publishing Terms
The business of writing for magazines is often speculative in nature. It can often seem fruitless to conduct research on available paying magazines, attempt to understand their style and unique requir...
How a Published Author Can Become a Paid Public Speaker
A book is your golden ticket into the speaking business. If you had a book published by a "real" publisher within the last 12 months in your hands, you have the calling card you need to get those s...
Knowing the Civilian Aviation Authority
In the United Kingdom, one of the most important regulatory bodies in the aerospace industry is the Civilian Aviation Authority, or the CAA. The CAA was created in 1972 to act as a public organization...
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