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10 Amazing EPL Trivia and EPL 2008-09 Player Transfer Guide
The mad soccer scene does not seem to quite go away, does it? Certainly not after Manchester Uniteds emphatic victories en route to last seasons English Premier League and Champions League title...
EPL Broadcasts in Hong Kong
Having spoken to many English Premier League fans in Hong Kong, there seems to be some confusion over how they are going to get to see the new season 2004/2005 games 'Live' on TV.For the past few ye...
Did you know?? - Arsenal Football Club
Everyone with an interest in English football knows that this season's UK Premiership winners were Arsenal Football Club but how many know how the club started or what it was first called? When it wa...
How FIFA Does NOT Respect Both The Olympic & Football Spirit
The Beijing Olympics are now a month away including the Under 23's Olympic football tournament to be held at different venues in China. While many people may think otherwise, it is actually a tournam...
English Premier League
The Premier league is officially the Barclays Premier League for sponsorship reasons. It is a British professional league for football clubs.Twenty clubs contest in this league. Seasons run from Augus...
Arsenal English professional football club
Arsenal is an English professional football club located in Emirates Stadium, in Holloway, North London. The club is also known as Arsenal and The Gunners; it has been one of the top football clubs. T...
Follow the English Premiership through your wrist watch
A unique watch, developed by a Hong Kong based entrepreneur, enables the owner to view all fixtures and keep a record of the results of up to any three of their favourite teams in the English Premiers...
Wayne Rooney - A New Boy Wonder for English Football?
word count: 697character width: 60Wayne Rooney - A New Boy Wonder for English Football?by Chris England's untimely exit at the hands of the hostnation (and a Swiss ...
English Premier League Games Advance Bookings
We get a lot of customers booking and purchasing English Premier League Match Packages well in advance.However, saying that, recently many people have enquired "If the current season already finished...
The Missing Link In Major League Soccer Popularity In The U.S.
If you have watched enough soccer on TV or in stadiums, you may have noticed that there exists a distinct difference between watching an MLS game in the United States and watching a soccer match playe...
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