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Eulogy Writing: The Origins of Funeral Eulogy Poems
People almost exclusively associate a funeral eulogy or elegy with the passing of a friend or loved one. While it is true that the modern versions are indeed most often used to lament someone's death...
Winning the Battle of Card Writing. Part 2
Writing your message can be both the hardest and the quickest part of the card giving processWe think we've done the hard bit - in finally choosing the right type of card for the occasion. We put al...
HomeHammer Improve Your Business Lesson 4: Good Copywriting Means More Profit
Once again, thank you for your interest in home improvement network. Continuing with the lessons in this course will help you improve the base of your business and your level of profits...
Writing Your Life Story - Some Common Obstacles And How To Overcome Them
- Maya AngelouMany people who consult with me regarding their family histories are also adamant that they want to do the work themselves. I encourage that. Who knows your personal stories better than ...
Writing Your Life Stories
Or what about the time that your little sister. . .?Or how about the time that your mom was making. . .and burned the. . .?You probably have hundreds of these stories tucked away in your memory. Perha...
Random Writings on Nephews
I don't get to see my nephews much anymore everysince I moved from Atlanta to Lake City. I getto see them maybe twice a year and even then my younger nephew Nick is usually sleep so itdoesn't really...
How Does Writing Enrich Yourself and Others?
We all write. Essays, term papers, grocery lists and business expense reports are part of our lives. Most Internet users write email and many blog. Many people even talk about writing a book.When I ta...
5 Ways to Write a Get Well Card
Writing a get well card to someone we care about isn't difficult. It's easy to choose - and send a card these days. It only takes a little more thought to make it really personal.Don't limit you...
11 Tips on How to Write a Love Poem
Writing a love poem for the one you love can seem like an impossible task when you've memories of struggling with English in school. But it needn't be.Even if you remember the correct grammatical t...
Learning to Write: Effective Teaching Methods
Learning to write is a critical, landmark stage in your child's development, and one which can pave the way for academic success in future years. Whilst your child becomes more aware of the world ar...
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